Domestic Wholesale

From the beginning of the company, we have been company that focus on trading and wholesale, and specializes in cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and hair care products, we procuring these products both domestically and internationally. We continue to broaden our line of products on a daily basis by not only buying what is being sold from a consumer perspective, but also buying what is on trend based on where the market is going.

In recent years, we have been focusing on the development and production of original cosmetics, make-up products, perfumes, hair care, etc., to further meet the needs of our consumers. Fortunately, we have received many inquiries from both domestic and overseas wholesalers and retailers.

We will continue to devote ourselves to the trading and wholesale of cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and hair care products, and in order to meet the needs of customers in Japan and overseas, we will enhance our services in the procurement, development and production of those value-added merchandises.

Imports and Exports

We have developed our business mainly in Japan, supplying our cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and hair care products in domestic variety shops, drug stores, discount shops, general merchandise stores, and duty frees. This increased exposure of our products to the recent inbound demands had led to many requests of selling them in their countries as well.

As for exports, we have been receiving inquiries from Asian countries, mainly China, as well as from the US, Russia, India, the Middle East, etc.

While it can be challenging to respond to the conditions and consumer needs of each country, we would like to carefully review and accommodate them.

As for imports, we will deliver value-added products to our consumers by keeping track of the trends in the cosmetics, make-up, perfume, hair care, and beauty equipment of each country, like we have been doing domestically since the company’s launch.

Research Labs and Factories

Cosmetics and perfumes are used every day. That's why we make "Real" products...
When developing, there is one thing we always keep in mind, is" To Make the Real Thing." Making the real thing doesn't just mean making high quality products, but it also means making a product that will truly please our consumers.

In order to prevent damage of the ingredients from heat, we have a formula design different from competitors in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes by a special cold manufacturing method.

We will continue to develop and manufacture products that will further delight consumers while refining and improving our own technologies.

In 2016, we established our own factory in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, obtaining a cosmetics manufacturing license and a quasi-drug manufacturing license.

Licensed to manufacture cosmetics: Permit number: 12CZ200247
Licensed to manufacture quasi-drugs: Permit number: 12DZ200097

We conduct thorough inspections in accordance with GMP guidelines* in pursuit of being the only factory that maximizes the beauty of cosmetics.
Because we manufacture products that directly touches our skin, we value thorough hygiene management as the most important factor while developing our products.

* What’s GMP?
"GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards" are "standards for the manufacture and quality of pharmaceuticals" created by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.We manufacture cosmetics and perfumes according to the same standards as pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Product Planning

In recent years, there have been increasing demands for selling original cosmetics, make-up products, and perfumes, and the number of OEM / ODM inquiries has been increasing at our company too.

Therefore, we make use of our experience and know-how of planning, prescribing, design, manufacturing and sales promotion of original cosmetics, make-up, perfume and hair care, and accept OEM / ODM manufacturing for various markets.

We accept bulk orders from a small lot size of 10kg, a medium size of 60kg, to the largest size of 100kg, in order to mitigate risks of overstocking and to make sure that even our first-time users of the OEM can feel assured.