Aiming to be the only factory providing the best in cosmetics

Licensed to manufacture cosmetics: Permit number: 12CZ200247
Licensed to manufacture quasi-drugs: Permit number: 12DZ200097

In June 2016, after our Matsudo factory in Oyama, Matsudo City received a license to manufacture cosmetics and quasi-drugs, we took our first step into the manufacturing business.

We have started making products through many trials, in order to be the only factory that can bring out the best in cosmetics. Eventually, we came to the conclusion to manufacture all bulk products using the cold process.

There are few impurities in the ingredients because they are not destroyed by heat or excessive agitation, allowing us to provide skin-friendly cosmetics while fully exploiting the characteristics of the materials used.

We can confidently recommend anyone who is considering OEM to use our services, as we are positive that we can meet our customers' expectations of the product's efficacy, and are proud to deliver the product with a very high "repeat rate of customers".

The main products manufactured in our factory

Lotion, Serum, Milky lotion
Hair oil
Facial Cleansing

Management System

The management system is made to ensure the safety of our workers as well as their physical conditions in order to prevent human error during work.

In addition, the quality of our products is thoroughly checked in accordance with GMP*, including testing of all raw materials used. Because we manufacture products that directly come in contact with our skin, we value thorough hygiene management as the most important factor while developing our products.

* What is GMP Standard?
"GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards" are "standards for the manufacture and quality of pharmaceuticals" created by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

As it is important for any manufacturing business, we reduce production costs on a daily basis, and make products that contribute to our customers in any way possible. That is due to our belief that small and daily efforts will produce great results.

In this way, our products are carefully created while confirming the condition one by one as if we were making a single masterpiece. This is how we are able to deliver better quality products to our customers.