Cosmetics and perfumes are used every day.That's why we make "Real" products...

Cosmetics Development Department, Quality Control Department
Head of Department

When developing, there is one thing we always keep in mind, is" To Make the Real Thing." Making the real thing doesn't just mean making high quality products, but it also means making a product that will truly please our consumers.
When we make our products, we use a special manufacturing method that prevents the ingredients from being damaged by heat. In order to take full advantage of the raw materials as they are, we have designed our own unique formula that does not require heat.
The Research and Development Department explores various perspectives when creating a product, devising a formula that has a reasonable price and the efficacy to meet customers' expectations.

A new manufacturing method born from the 2Way concept

This laboratory was launched in the spring of 2016.
Of course, not everything worked out from the beginning. However, our philosophy is the idea of “2Way”. “If there is a problem, don’t be discouraged, tackle the problem from a different perspective and move on.”
Although there were many problems that came from not applying heat, our products were developed as a result of daily research and many trials.
This cold process brings out the characteristics of the raw materials used, and also minimizes impurities caused by heat damage, allowing us to deliver products with confidence in each and every one of the ingredients, and to provide skin-friendly cosmetics and perfumes.

There's no end to the research.

There are a variety of researches. For example, we perform in-depth root cause analysis. Furthermore, we investigate more effective ways of limiting the burden on the skin.
In our laboratory, we study familiar ingredients to bring out better effects, and we also continue to study synergistic effects by fusing new ingredients.
This is because ingredients that have been used for a long time have few side effects and many of them have been proven to be safe.

These studies have led to the recent commercialization of the Concern Series. In particular, Sodium Ascorbate and Silicon are difficult to blend due to the ionization tendency, but we are pleased to have managed its production.

We will be focusing on Quasi-Drugs in the future

We will continue to improve the development and manufacturing technology of cosmetics and perfumes, as well as the formulation of fragrances and active ingredients, textures, etc., so that we can provide consumers with products that they can use with comfort and peace of mind at reasonable prices. We will continue our research and development to further please our customers, with the motto of making cosmetics and perfumes that are in line with the trends.
We will also focus on Quasi-Drugs and other products to be introduced in the future.